Handmade Crocodile Finger Puppet

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Dive into a world of creativity and growth with our Handmade Embroidered Crocodile Finger Puppet. Expertly crafted with soft felt fabric, this puppet is a gateway to boundless exploration. Let's unravel the wonders it brings to parents, caregivers, professionals, and educators.

🌟 Artistry in Each Stitch: Meticulously handmade, the puppet features intricate embroidery that sparks imagination and storytelling.

🌟 Sensory Discovery: Crafted from gentle felt fabric, it invites tactile exploration, nurturing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

🌟 Native Australian Splendor: The crocodile design introduces kids to unique Australian wildlife, fostering a connection to nature's marvels.

🌟 Empathy and Perspective: A versatile tool that fosters empathy and conflict resolution, encouraging children to embrace diverse viewpoints.

🌟 Interactive Learning: Ideal for interactive storytelling, group activities, and lessons that lay the foundation for lifelong skills.

🌟 For Parents, Caregivers, Educators, and Professionals: This finger puppet is an invaluable resource for enriching children's growth and development. From imaginative play to nurturing vital life skills, it's a catalyst for meaningful learning experiences.

Watch young minds come alive as they animate the Handmade Embroidered Crocodile Finger Puppet. Encourage them to immerse themselves in stories, engage in role-play, and connect with the world around them. This puppet bridges playtime and education, empowering children to explore empathy, creativity, and new viewpoints. Elevate their learning journey, nurture their development, and embrace the joy of nurturing young minds with this cherished puppet. Designed for parents, educators, and anyone dedicated to crafting a brighter future, one stitch at a time.

Each of our finger puppets vary in size depending on design and range between our smallest (Meerkat) at 7.5cm x 5.5cm to our largest (elephant) at 8cm x 10cm

PLEASE NOTE: Our puppets are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is required at all times.

Available in a Native Australian Animal SET here: https://thecraftrebellion.com/collections/handmade-finger-puppets/products/handmade-native-australian-animal-finger-puppet-set-of-6